FASHION CONSUMERS CAN DEMAND BETTER BEHAVIOR – AND MAKE BETTER CHOICES We can all do our part to create a more just and sustainable garment industry

There are real costs to fast fashion.

The average consumer is now purchasing 60% more items of clothing than 20 years ago, and too much of it winds up in landfills. In some countries, 40% of the clothes in many people’s wardrobes are never even worn. Meanwhile, it takes 10,000 liters of water to produce ONE pair of jeans – the same amount of water an average person drinks in a year. Unfortunately, all of these statistics are trending in the wrong direction. We’ve grown accustomed to cheap clothing, and it’s having a dangerous impact on our environment.

You can lead the change.

We can change the fashion industry, but it starts with our own buying behavior. By learning more about our clothing we can make better decisions.

  • Learn about how your clothes are made: where they come from, what they are made of and what impact they will have on the environment.
  • Wear clothes as long as possible. Buy quality, durable garments that won’t wear out, and repair them when you can.
  • Support companies trying to do the right thing. Learn more about sustainable companies here:

    1. Patagonia
    2. Uniqlo
    3. Eileen Fisher
    4. Everlane
    5. Asos

  • Use your voice to share this information with friends and family

Learn more about what’s happening in sustainable fashion, and how you can take part: