X-Ray Fashion

X-Ray Fashion A VR experience directed by Francesco Carrozzini, X-Ray Fashion immerses viewers into the darker side of fast fashion.

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About the Film

X-Ray Fashion exposes the dark story of the world’s second largest polluter: the fashion industry.

Directed by Italian-born director and fashion photographer Francesco Carrozzini (Franca: Chaos and Creation), X-Ray Fashion is a cinematic VR experience built around a 49-square meter physical installation that guides the viewer through the different stages of garment production from cotton farm to sweatshop, and from catwalk to consumer purchase to the afterlife of the garment. The seven scenes of the film consist of 360-degree live-action footage that imparts a stunning, photo-realistic atmosphere. The transitions between the scenes consist of a CGI environment that allows the viewer to walk between the different scenes. This cinematic experience is a pioneering VR piece that tests the implementation of physical and sensory effects through settings that incorporate heat, wind, scent and shifting terrain. By adding multidimensional sensorial effects, the filmmakers seek to draw the participant into an immersive physical experience that enriches storytelling in a new way.

Did You Know?

• The fashion industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions – more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

• Cotton farming is responsible for nearly a quarter of the world’s insecticides while 20% of global wastewater comes from the production of garments.

• 10,000 liters of water are needed to produce a pair of jeans. It’s the same amount of water that one person drinks in 10 years.

• Garment workers receive less than 1% of the market price of a standard T-shirt.

• The average consumer is now purchasing 60% more clothing than 20 years ago.

• 85% of textiles are sent to landfills or incinerators – 60% within a year of being made.

• $500 billion in value is lost every year due to under-use of clothes.

How are you reducing your fashion carbon footprint?
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Sourcing at MAGIC: Las Vegas, NV | August 12-14, 2019
Qatar Museum Gallery, Al Riwaq | April 1-21, 2019
UN Environmental Assembly: Nairobi, Kenya | March 11-15, 2019
Sourcing at MAGIC: Las Vegas, NV | February 4-7, 2019
ReMode: Los Angeles, CA | November 13-14, 2018
Venice Film Festival: Venice, Italy | August 29-September 8, 2018


  • Created by MANND
  • Directed and Narrated by Francesco Carrozzini
  • Produced by Connect4Climate - World Bank Group
  • Produced by Vulcan Productions
  • With the support of Alcantara
  • Executive Producer Paul G. Allen
  • Executive Producer Carole Tomko
  • Executive Producer Matt Milios
  • Executive Producer Giulia C. Braga
  • Executive Producer Francis J Dobbs
  • Production Company Operator Media LLC
  • Producer Kathleen Heffernan
  • Producer Stine Moisen
  • Director of Production Management Ruth Johnston
  • Script Writers Francesco Carrozzini, William Gritten, Maria Herholdt Engermann, Signe Ungermand
  • Director of Photography Elisha Christian
  • VR Production Design Hannah Gutkauf
  • Motion Graphics & VFX Designer Tim Damgaard
  • Art & Animation Sule Serubugo, Denisa Skantarova
  • Associate Producer Nabil Elderkin
  • Costume Designer Rushka Bergman
  • Music Pressure Cooker Collective
  • Production Manager Kim Nyhous
  • Production Coordinators Andrea Dramer, Nabeer Khan
  • Camera Operator MANND
  • Color Grader Jian Zhi Zhang
  • 3D Sound Design & Development Per Beck Hansen, Søren Elbek, AWE
  • Special Effects and Creative Technologist Nikolaj Stausbøl
  • Experience Design & Technical VR Production Nikolaj Stausbøl, Hannah Gutkauf, Molamil
  • Installation Construction Christian Lacoppidan Fokstrot

India Crew

  • Line Producers Dorics George, Sohil Thakkar
  • 1st AD Abhishek Singh
  • Camera Attendant Sanjay Gupta
  • Gaffer Ramesh Sadrani
  • Key Grip Kaltin Arlappa
  • Location Sound Recordist Kalhan Raina
  • Sound Assistant Santwana Bayaskar
  • Location Manager (Mumbai) Navit Dutt
  • Production Manager (Mumbai) Ramnath Ingale
  • Line Producer (Gujarat) Ghanshyam Jadeja
  • Production Assistants (Gujarat) Siddharth Mehra, Virendra Singh
  • Production Assistant Geeta Arya

New York Crew

  • 1st AD Robin D’Oench
  • Production Coordinator Michael Hanson
  • Gaffer David Morett
  • Best Boy Electric Eric Gentry
  • Electric Phil Thompson
  • Key Grip Brian MacLean
  • Best Boy Grip Justin Amorusi
  • Grip Ian Clarke
  • Sound Mixer Rob Bluernke
  • Wardrobe Assistant Brittnay White
  • Hair and Makeup Margie Bresciani
  • Hair and Makeup Assistant Apoorva Rao
  • Production Assistants Ellis C. Hoffmeister, Kevin Booruang, Catherine Grogan


  • Woman at garment factory Kalyani Jha
  • Drain cleaners Kondiram, Narsigh
  • Kids at the drain Aniket, Aditya, Rishikesh, Rohit
  • Cotton Factory Worker Dhula Ram
  • Runway model 1 Carolina Marie
  • Runway model 2 Gwen Van Meir
  • Runway model 3 Imani
  • Runway model 4 Amy Lefevre
  • Runway model 5 Snow Dolkinson
  • Photographer 1 Tiffany Frances
  • Photographer 2 Alexis Adam
  • Photographer 3 Danny Luketin
  • Photographer 4 Stephen Pompee
  • Photographer 5 Ariel Rorberson
  • Photographer 6 Lamar Robillard

Special Thanks

Livia Firth | Eco-Age | Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana | UN Partnership on Sustainable Fashion and the SDGs
Middle Earth Pictures, Mumbai | Pier 59 Studios | Rowena Gorospe | Doug Coblens | Jimmy Vainstein | Roxana Bravo Denis

Uniting4Climate VR Pitch Competition Jury

Louie Psihoyos | Gian Luca Galletti | Bianca Jagger | Susan Rockefeller | Carole Tomko
Inia Seruiratu | Gabo Arora | Greta Scacchi | Jessica Brillhart | Louis Schwartzberg

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