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Reef Rescue

REEF RESCUE A deep dive into the fascinating future of "super corals"

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About the Film

REEF RESCUE unveils the groundbreaking science behind “super corals” and a radical new plan to save the Earth’s imperiled coral reefs.

Weaving together exquisite underwater expeditions, a soaring, A.I.-powered, global reef mapping mission, and cutting-edge assisted evolution research in Australia, Hawaii, Florida, and the South Pacific, this one-hour special introduces us to “super corals”: the small fraction of corals that survive otherwise lethal hot temperatures. By creating similarly resilient corals the world over, scientists believe they can buy precious time for dead and dying coral reefs.

Reef Rescue-International Trailer from Merit Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

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"If we are going to save coral reefs, it means that we have to start intervening."

- Dr. Julia Baum

Corals in Crisis

Coral reefs are fundamental to life on our planet. Not only do they support a quarter of the world’s marine life, they are key to the health of our oceans, which provide humans with half of the oxygen we need to live.

They are integral to a vast ocean ecosystem that provides food and work for 500 million people worldwide and contributes a trillion dollars to the global economy. They work as barriers against storm surges along our coasts.

But our planet’s coral reefs are in peril.

In the past 50 years, overfishing, pollution, and rising water temperatures due to climate change, have decimated the planet’s coral by 50%. The most globally destructive force is warming oceans, which causes mass bleaching and die-off. And if current conditions persist - or worsen - as experts fear, up to 90% of all corals will be lost by 2050.

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"We are in an emergency to find solutions to maintain life in the reefs."

- Laetitia Hédouin

Rescuing Our Reefs

Coral reefs are dying at an unprecedented rate. There is an urgent need for an action and a limited window of opportunity to act.

But there is still hope for coral reef restoration.

Scientists from all over the world are researching and testing solutions to the coral reef crisis and experimenting with restoration efforts. But there is more to do. If we can act now, we can change the trajectory of global coral reef decline. Will you help rescue our reefs?

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