Where God Left His Shoes Where God Left His Shoes It happens somewhere ... every day.

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When Frank, Angela, and their two children are evicted from their New York City apartment, they have no choice but to move into a homeless shelter. After a few difficult months, good news comes their way on Christmas Eve: a nearby housing project has an apartment available immediately – however, Frank needs a job on the books in order to qualify. While the rest of the city prepares for Christmas, Frank and his 10-year-old stepson, Justin, roam the cold streets of New York trying to find a job by day’s end. Where God Left His Shoes is the story of a family that refuses to break apart during the darkest time of their lives and discovers that they will survive as long as they have each other.

Frank and Angela Diaz and their two children have no easy answers, no magic cures, no safety net. Far too many in America are just a few paychecks away from homelessness—and from the kind of desperation that can shatter families and lives.

The Issue
With Where God Left His Shoes, we set out to make a film that was entertaining and that touched people’s hearts. Audiences told us that we succeeded—and that we did something more as well: we’d created a call to action; a high-profile catalyst for change.

The entertainment and inspirational value of Where God Left His Shoes can be used to ignite action by putting housing and homelessness on the agenda for national and local elections, and by putting pressure on elected officials to change policy.

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  • Salvatore Stabile : Writer/Director
  • John Leguizamo: Cast
  • Leonor Varela: Cast
  • David Castro: Cast
  • Samantha M. Rose: Cast
  • Jerry Ferrara: Cast
  • Manny Perez: Cast
  • Adriane Lenox: Cast
  • Charles Dumas: Cast
  • David Salerno: Cast
  • Sakina Jaffrey: Cast
  • Paul G. Allen: Executive Producers
  • Jody Allen: Executive Producers
  • Petra Hoebel: Executive Producers
  • Rosanne Korenberg: Executive Producers
  • Daniel Edelman: Producers
  • Salvatore Stabile: Producers
  • Richard Hutton: Producers
  • Michael Caldwell: Producers
  • Rebecca Donaghe: Co-Producer
  • Vanja Cernjul: Director of Photography
  • Chris Monte: Film Editing
  • Kaela Wohl: Costume Design
  • Ernesto Solo: Production Design
  • Sig De Miguel: Casting
  • Jeff Beal: Music