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The Films

From that morning cup of coffee to the monthly mortgage, the economy plays a role in every part of our lives. Yet many Americans don’t understand the basic drivers of our economic system.

Vulcan Productions and Morgan Spurlock’s Cinelan team joined forces to change just that.

They took their lead from a panel of top economic experts—academics, analysts, journalists, and historians—identifying 20 key topics about the US economy that every American should understand. With an acclaimed director at the helm of each unique film, We the Economy lays bare financial fundamentals with themes like, “What is Money?” “What is the Role of our Government in the Economy?” “What Causes Inequality?” and others.

Described through animation, comedy, non-fiction and scripted films, this fun, informative and widely available short-film series demystifies a complicated topic, while empowering audiences to make more informed decisions in their daily lives, and to plan for their economic future.

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The Films

  • Paul G. Allen: Executive Producer
  • Jody Allen: Executive Producer
  • Morgan Spurlock: Executive Producer
  • Carole Tomko: Co-Executive Producer
  • Jody Gottlieb: Co-Executive Producer
  • Damon Smith: Supervising Producer
  • Jannat Gargi: Coordinating Producer
  • Aimee Link: Associate Producer
Where to See It

Making Sense of Dollars

Initiated by a falling U.S. housing market, the 2009 Great Recession culminated in a global hot mess. Why were banks closing one after the other? How could China’s boom affect things on this side of the world? What did globalization even mean? We were still reeling from the recession when Vulcan Productions partnered with Morgan Spurlock and his Cinelan team. With one in three adults acknowledging they make poor monetary decisions as a result of financial illiteracy, the need to engage and inform the public wasn’t just important. It was essential. Together we tackled getting info about our economy out there. Distributed digitally, across multiple platforms, We the Economy made audience accessibility and engagement a top (dollar) priority.


One in three adults believe they make poor financial decisions as a result of a lack of financial literacy.


Director Morgan Spurlock on how We The Economy began.


“We kind of tune out because we feel like it is so large and consuming and overwhelming and that we don’t understand it enough, but we don’t want to admit that because we don’t want to seem like idiots.”

Morgan Spurlock - Director

Getting the Info Out

We the Economy was produced and launched within a stratospherically tight four-month period to ensure that the films were available before the mid-term election season. We developed a digital toolkit as a companion piece to the film, allowing viewers to actively engage and interact with the content. Then, on top of that, we designed supplemental education materials: individual lesson plans based on common Core Standards tied to each film; a discussion guide for the overall series for use in the classroom; and a guide for teacher professional development in schools across the U.S.


"Filmmakers are in a unique position to get young people to care about money." Ted Gonder

Ted Gonder, co-founder and CEO of Moneythink


Economist Jodi Beggs on why the economy is so difficult to understand.


"Understanding economics ... in general just helps us not suck at life."

Jodi Beggs - Economist - Northeastern University

Distribution That Went for Broke

We the Economy reached an unprecedented number of viewers. How? By taking a traditional distribution model and turning it on its head. Vulcan Production and Spurlock’s Cinelan team pulled together a mammoth network of high-profile distribution partners; built a comprehensive website and mobile apps that included films, quizzes and other supplementary materials; and engaged the educational sector in promoting the series. On October 20, We the Economy was unveiled at free screenings in 20 Landmark Theatres in major cities across the country. The following day, television, mobile devices and digital platforms worked simultaneously to make sure that the films were freely and widely available.



More than 70 distribution partners.



Over 18 million video views to date.


“The biggest goal for me from day one was that the moment that these were released, no matter where you consume media, you couldn't help but be confronted by the films."

Morgan Spurlock - Director



We The Economy has won over 12 major film and digital awards.

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