The Reason I Jump The Reason I Jump World Premiere at Sundance 2020

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The publishing phenomenon The Reason I Jump was written by a non-speaking autistic Japanese boy, Naoki Higashida. Translated into English by acclaimed novelist David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas), the book has become a worldwide bestseller and has been since translated into over 30 languages. Its question-and-answer format gives remarkable insight into the thoughts and feelings of an autistic person who cannot talk; a Rosetta stone that allows us to hear Naoki's experiences of what it’s like to be autistic, and answering the questions that we might usually be afraid to ask: Why don’t you make eye contact? Why can’t you have a proper conversation? Why do you hit yourself?

Directed by Grierson award-winning filmmaker Jerry Rothwell, this feature documentary is a cinematic translation of the experiences revealed in the book that blends the insights into autism provided by Naoki’s writing, immersing us into the lives of non-speaking autistics from around the world. It dramatically gives voices to their frustrations and challenges, and also opens a window into in their unique sensory worlds, full of intensity, richness, and beauty.


  • Director: Jerry Rothwell
  • Producer: Jeremy Dear
  • Producer: Stevie Lee
  • Producer: Al Morrow
  • Executive Producer: Jody Allen
  • Executive Producer: Paul G. Allen
  • Executive Producer: Rocky Collins
  • Executive Producer: Jannat Gargi
  • Executive Producer: Ruth Johnston
  • Executive Producer: Carole Tomko
  • Executive Producer: Stewart le Maréchal
  • Executive Producer: Lizzie Francke

The Filmmakers

Photo of Jerry Rothwell

Jerry Rothwell Director

Jerry Rothwell is a filmmaker whose work includes the award winning feature documentaries...

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Photo of Jeremy Dear

Jeremy Dear Producer

Jeremy started his career at the BBC in documentaries. He has created dozens of factual shows...

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Photo of Stevie Lee

Stevie Lee Producer

Stevie began her career as a literary agent, before becoming a script editor and Head of Development at Contagious Films...

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Photo of Al Morrow

Al Morrow Producer

Al is an award winning producer and Head of Documentary at MetFilm Production...

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Photo of Stewart le Maréchal

Stewart le Maréchal Executive Producer

Stewart is a BAFTA winning producer and head of MetFilm Production...

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Photo of Rocky Collins

Rocky Collins Director of Production

Rocky served as exec producer at Science Channel where he worked...

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