Chronicles of Courage Chronicles of Courage Honoring veterans by ensuring their stories live on.


Chronicles of Courage: Stories of Wartime and Innovation - a groundbreaking project more than 15 years in the making - is one of the largest oral history video archives on war and aviation ever created. Spanning three continents, eight countries and seven wars - beginning with World War II, this revolutionary video archive captures the powerful first-person perspectives of over 300 men and women from opposing sides of conflicts and will take you on an immersive journey into the heart of wartime — Learn what it was like to dogfight thousands of feet above the Pacific, get an intimate understanding of military aircraft and weaponry, hear the harrowing fight for survival inside a POW camp. At different turns dramatic, suspenseful, poignant and light-hearted, these moving tales will give you a rarely seen, up-close look at what it’s like to live, fly, and fight in the world’s deadliest and most dangerous wars.

Begin your journey with our featured videos or search through the collection using keywords. Using state-of-the-art technology, your search will uncover all videos that relate to your topic and pinpoint the exact place in the video your keyword is mentioned. We invite you to explore the collection and gain a deeper understanding of the wartime experience and an appreciation for the courage and sacrifice of those who served.

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Race against time

The Oral Histories project represents an unprecedented effort to capture the experiences of veterans from multiple countries and wars before their lived histories are lost forever.


“I was lucky. I wanted to be a fighter pilot. And if I was fortunate enough to be an ace, that’s fine. There’s not many of us left.”

Arthur Fiedler - USAF, Ace Pilot


Paul G. Allen became interested in World War II aircraft while listening to his father's stories of being in England during the war and hearing the engines of V-1s flying overhead.


"I’d spend hours reading about the engines in some of those planes. I was trying to understand how things worked–how things were put together, everything from airplane engines to rockets and nuclear power plants. I was just intrigued by the complexity and the power and the grace of these things flying. I wish I were a pilot, but I'm not."

Paul Allen


“When you’re overseas and in a war situation you have to be ready to do what you’re called on to do no matter what the circumstances are.”

Clayton Nattier - B-17 Pilot


“I think the heroes are the guys that got killed. The rest of us were survivors.”

Burns Price Downey - B-24 Pilot