Me & Isaac Newton Me & Isaac Newton Here's uncharted territory—let's go there.


This feature-length documentary delves into the hearts and minds of seven scientists who have solved old scientific mysteries in creative ways. Ranging in age from 33 to 81, each reveals their personal histories and commitment to positively affecting the world.

Meet Patricia Wright, a former housewife and schoolteacher whose fascination with lemurs led to saving a rainforest. Steven Pinker, whose studies of the human mind examine its use of language and sensory input. And Gertrude Elion, who won the Nobel Prize in medicine in her older age.

All view life through their own unique lens, with groundbreaking results. As USC Robotics Research Lab’s Director Maja Mataric says, “We have the freedom to say: here's uncharted territory—let's go there.”



  • Michael Apted : Director
  • Gertrude Elion : Featured Scientists
  • Ashok Gadgil : Featured Scientists
  • Michio Kaku : Featured Scientists
  • Maja Mataric : Featured Scientists
  • Steven Pinker: Featured Scientists
  • Karol Sikora: Featured Scientists
  • Patricia Wright : Featured Scientists
  • Jody Allen : Producer
  • Eileen Gregory : Producer
  • Susanne Rostock : Film Editor
  • Maryse Alberti : Cinematography
  • Steven Wren: Line Producer
  • Eric Robison : Associate Producer
  • Patrick Seymour: Original Music
  • Paul G. Allen: Presenter