#ISurvivedEbola #ISurvivedEbola A global campaign that places Ebola survivor stories at the center of efforts to inform, protect and inspire.

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The Project

At the onset of the 2014 Ebola crisis, Paul G. Allen recognized the need to take immediate action. Swift response was responsible for slowing transmission rates and setting the stage for recovery efforts.

But tackling the disease was only the beginning.

Vulcan’s #ISurvivedEbola campaign was developed to educate the public about the Ebola virus. But it also took on the task of reducing stigma and promoting reintegration—shifting the international narrative from fear and despair to resilience and hope. How? Through a multi-dimensional communications campaign that shares the stories of Ebola survivors.

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The Project

  • Paul G. Allen: Executive Producer
  • Carole Tomko: Executive Producer
  • Sean Southey: Executive Producer
  • Jannat Gargi: Coordinating Producer
  • Marco Rodriguez: Editor
  • Meesha Brown: Producer
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Breaking It Down

The goal? To provide local citizens with the most accurate information available about Ebola to keep them, their families, and the world safe. But first we needed to break it down. We needed to inform and educate people about behaviors that reduce transmission; dispel the myths debilitating the region; encourage the adoption of guidelines and recommendations to simplify prevention and care; and lastly, help survivors successfully reintegrate back into their communities. “Through a comprehensive multi-platform campaign incorporating over thirty survivor stories shared on TV, radio, social media and print in their own voice, we can help West Africans realize that there are survivors, they can survive. And that if we work together, we can all survive.” CEO of PCI Media Impact, Sean Southey


“The Ebola virus is unlike any health crisis we have ever experienced and it needs a response unlike anything we have ever seen.”

Paul G. Allen



Paul G. Allen invests $100 million to fight Ebola outbreak.


"I heard about Ebola, but really I doubted it from the beginning.”

Ebola Survivor, Amadu Konneh


The Ebola epidemic has killed over 11,100 people since it was first reported in March, 2014.

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Survival Stories

#ISurvivedEbola captures real-life survival stories that emphasize the key behaviors needed to survive Ebola. The dramatic and inspiring stories of more than 30 individual survivors who shared their life saving messages about survival were included in the campaign to inform and change the course of the epidemic. Ultimately, these men and women would become some of the most dedicated advocates and evangelists in spreading awareness about Ebola prevention and survival. Together we formed a dialogue about life after recovery.


We captured the inspiring stories of 30 Ebola survivors. Watch their stories.

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We created a music video with West African artists to celebrate Ebola survivors.

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Survivors were given smart phones so they could connect with one another and share their stories with texts, video clips and pictures.

By All Means Possible

In an effort to reach the largest possible audience, Vulcan Productions partnered with PCI Media Impact to leverage the most powerful information platforms available in Africa. Through radio, television and social media we reached nearly 10 million people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. We shared survivor stories from West Africa with local, national and international audiences; broadcasted Ebola-focused radio programs in the most affected countries; produced songs and music videos about Ebola; and launched a mobile app allowing survivors to connect with one another and the world. Nearly one-half of the population of West Africa was touched by the campaign. Because of its impact, #ISurvivedEbola has become a global model for similar efforts.


“I was happy to be Ebola-free, but when I came into my community, people were running away from me. They have now started coming closer,

Ebola survivor Koroma Memunatu


As a result of its unprecedented multi-platform approach, #ISurvivedEbola reached more people in West Africa during a crisis situation than any other media campaign in history.


“Inviting and helping survivors tell their stories can help us relook at stigma and share lifesaving tips through actual survivors themselves.”

CEO of PCI Media Impact, Sean Southey

Action & Impact



Half of the population of West Africa was touched by the campaign

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8000+ smart phones were distributed to aid workers and survivors to help dispel myths about Ebola

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