Drop In The Ocean Drop In The Ocean A social VR experience with real-world impact.

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“Drop in the Ocean” is an interactive, social virtual-reality experience that immerses you deep in the water — and directly into the plastic pollution crisis plaguing the world’s oceans.

The seven-minute-long experience is built from the photo archive of Academy Award-winning micro-photographer Peter Parks and narrated by explorers Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau. It features the music of Gold Panda.

Picture this: You and three friends h​ave shrunk down to just 2 inches tall and you’re hitching a ride on jellyfish floating through the ocean, passing other marine creatures and having a great adventure. Shockingly, you also encounter a slew of plastic trash.

Debuted at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.

Individually, we are a drop — together we are an ocean. — Ryunosuke Satoro


  • Producer: Philippe Cousteau Jr.
  • Executive Producer: Ashlan Gorse Cousteau
  • Executive Producer: Jody Allen
  • Executive Producer: Ruth Johnston
  • Executive Producer: Matt Milios
  • Producer: Adam May
  • Producer: Chris Parks
  • Executive Producer: M. Sanjayan
  • Executive Producer: Melina Formisano
  • Music By: Gold Panda
  • Cinematography By: Chris Campkin
  • Lead Animator: Adam Bruce
  • Sound Designer: Vincent Watts