Lost Giant Lost Giant Discover the Musashi and her war.

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In March of 2015, a research team led by Paul G. Allen located the Musashi, one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced battleships ever built. The ship was sunk during World War II and, despite numerous eyewitness accounts, the exact location of the ship remained unknown. Using historical records from four different countries, detailed topographical data and advanced technology aboard his yacht, M/Y Octopus, Allen and his team discovered the wreckage in the Sibuyan Sea off the Philippines 71 years after it was sunk.

Using the discovery of the Musashi as our narrative center of gravity, Vulcan Productions is producing a cutting-edge documentary special to tell one of the greatest stories of our age. We're using hard science, hard history and the story of the painstaking investigative process that resulted in one of the most amazing finds of the 21st century. And that's just the beginning. By incorporating 4K Ultra HD productions, data journalism, first-person survivor accounts and photo-realistic 3D modeling, we'll virtually bring the Musashi back to the surface and show her as she was in 1944.

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Miraculous Discovery

It took Paul G. Allen and his team of researchers eight years to find the Musashi. Sifting through volumes of historical data and conducting a massive and meticulous survey of the ocean floor, they narrowed the search area and located the wreckage with an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Feb. 2015.


“The Musashi is truly an engineering marvel. I am honored to play a part in finding this key vessel in naval history and honoring the memory of the incredible bravery of the men who served aboard her.”

Paul G. Allen


Vulcan shared the Musashi's discovery with the world. Virtually tour it from the bottom of the sea.