Cracking the Code of Life Cracking the Code of Life NOVA chronicles the race to decode the human genome

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The effort to decipher the 3-billion-letter human genome is one of the biggest stories in the history of science. In this collaborative production with WGBH’s NOVA, host Robert Krulwich of ABC’s Nightline follows the highly-publicized race between two teams—The Human Genome Project and Craig Venter’s Celera—to accomplish this monumental deciphering, and then moves beyond that milestone to consider the profound medical and social implications it will bring. From the promise of new drugs and cures to the controversy of revealing genetic flaws, the film relates the dawning of an immense, fascinating scientific frontier.



  • Robert Krulwich: Correspondent
  • Elizabeth Arledge : Director/Writer
  • Julia Cort: Producer/Writer
  • Alan Ritsko: WGBH Managing Director
  • Paula S. Apsell: WGBH Executive Producer
  • Jody Allen: Executive-in-Charge
  • Paul G. Allen: Presented by
  • Eric Robison: Executive Producer
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