Black Sky Black Sky The race for space and the Space X prize

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Black Sky is a two-part documentary series that premiered on the Discovery Channel in October 2004. The first part, “Black Sky: The Race for Space,” documents Paul G. Allen's and Burt Rutan's historic effort to create the first privately-funded spacecraft. From design to flight testing to the dramatic moments of the launch and return, this two-hour television special takes viewers behind the scenes for the complete story of the world’s first commercial space flight.

The second installment of the series, “Black Sky: Winning the X Prize,” is a one-hour television special that documents the team’s successful bid to win the $10 Million Ansari X Prize. The prize was awarded to the first privately funded, non-governmental group to build a spacecraft capable of carrying three 6'2”, 198-pound adults to an altitude of 62 miles twice in 14 days. Beginning with SpaceShipOne’s historic first flight into space on June 21, 2004, the special provides an inside look at how the team prepared for and won the X Prize competition.



  • Paul G. Allen: Executives-in-Charge
  • Jody Allen: Executives-in-Charge
  • Jane Root: Executives-in-Charge
  • Richard Hutton: Executive Producers
  • Stephen Reverand: Executive Producers
  • Gail Willumsen: Director
  • Jill Shinefield: Director
  • Sandy Guthrie: Director
  • Scott B: Director
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