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TAKE ACTION Together we can end overfishing and slavery at sea

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Overfishing is devastating our oceans and driving horrific human violations at sea. This has to stop, and as citizens and consumers, we have an important role to play. Through screenings of Ghost Fleet, our campaign is bringing increased transparency in the seafood supply chain through three parallel tracks:

  • Raising mass public awareness
  • Engaging the seafood industry, including retailers, suppliers, restaurants, and grocery stores
  • Encouraging elected officials to pass meaningful legislation on illegal fishing and human rights violations

Sign up to join our campaign and help to amplify calls for increased transparency in the seafood supply chain.

Act Now

Support Ethical & Sustainable Seafood

Today, with clear evidence of ongoing illegal fishing and modern-day slavery ruining lives and devastating our ocean ecosystems, it is essential that consumers understand where our seafood comes from–and that industry actors take on more responsibility for their products.

1 in 5 wild-caught fish is caught outside of the law. Do you like those odds?

    Engage Your Local Business Community

    Find out where the seafood you purchase in your local grocery stores and restaurants comes from and invite them to participate in ethical and sustainable programs.

    Next time you purchase seafood, consider asking:

    • Where did this fish come from and how was it caught?
    • Are there local seafood options?
    • Does this company have human labor rights standards in place?
    • Is this seafood Fair Trade USA certified?

      Support Sustainable and Ethical Businesses

      Sustainability guides for restaurants:

      Sustainability guides for supermarkets and brands:

      Help Patima Rescue Thai and Migrant Workers

      The Labour Protection Network (LPN) is committed to safeguarding and improving the lives of migrant workers in Thailand. They strive to advocate for equality, both in the workplace and the community and aim to assist migrants and their families integrate peacefully into Thai society. Facing death threats and corruption, Patima and the team risk their lives to find justice and freedom for the enslaved fishermen who feed the world's insatiable appetite for seafood.

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