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Thousands are Enslaved

Directed by Shannon Service and Jeffrey Waldron, "Ghost Fleet" delves into Thailand's fishing industry, which supplies a large portion of the world’s seafood. The country’s giant fishing fleet is chronically short of up to 60,000 fishermen per year, leaving captains scrambling to find crew.

Human traffickers have seized upon the labor shortage, selling captives from Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and across Southeast Asia for a few hundred dollars each.

Once at sea, the men often go months, or even years, without setting foot on land. Beaten, starved and held in cages, men are forced to work for little or no pay.

Thousands of slaves currently work in the Thailand’s seafood industry.

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Help Patima rescue Thai and migrant workers

The Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation (LPN) is committed to protecting and improving the lives of migrant workers in Thailand. They strive to advocate for equality, both in the workplace and the community and aim to assist migrants and their families integrate peacefully into Thai society.

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