Paul G. Allen

Paul G. Allen Executive Producer

Four decades after co-founding Microsoft, entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul G. Allen continued exploring the frontiers of technology and human knowledge, and acted to change the future. Through his company Vulcan Inc., Mr. Allen worked to save endangered species, slow climate change, improve ocean health, share art, history and film, develop new technology, tackle epidemics, research how the human brain works and build sustainable communities. In all his endeavors, Mr. Allen constantly asked “What if…?” and pushed people to challenge conventional thinking, collaborate across disciplines and reimagine what’s possible.

As the idea man and original technologist behind Microsoft, Mr. Allen used his wealth to expand the horizons of human possibility. All told, Mr. Allen’s philanthropic contributions exceeded $2 billion. Even before becoming a member of the Giving Pledge, Mr. Allen committed to giving away the majority of his fortune, an endeavor that continues every day.

Through Vulcan Productions, Mr. Allen was dedicated to generating change using impact storytelling. His films, series and digital content include Racing Extinction, Ivory Rising, Academy Award-nominated Body Team 12, and The Blues. He invested in brain science and robotics research, retail space and outer space, documentaries and feature films, global health and local education.

Mr. Allen was deeply invested locally in his hometown of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, and created public spaces including Flying Heritage Collection, EMP and the Living Computer Museum—where people learn and interact with Seattle’s historic, cultural and musical heritage. The inaugural Seattle Art Fair put the city on the map as one of the premier art destinations in the country. He thought globally, making impact investments that will help developing countries expand their health, infrastructure and nurture a diversified economy.

Many of his ventures were seeded in his youth, and reflect the depth and diversity of his passions. He strived to create a new kind of future — a future that maps the intricacies inside our head, sets hidden talent alight and upends conventional thinking.

If we can understand the mysterious organ, the brain, we can pave the way towards understanding diseases like Alzheimer’s. If we can change the economics of space launches, we can change space travel and exploration. If we can get the formula right for a new kind of downtown neighborhood, it becomes a guide for the innovation centers of tomorrow. Mr. Allen was motivated by his commitment to sharing his ideas and discoveries with the world to help catalyze a better future.