Olivia Ahnemann

Olivia Ahnemann Producer

Olivia Ahnemann has been producing and directing documentary films since 1998. At the Oceanic Preservation Society she is the producer of a feature length documentary that aims to educate its audience about the 6th mass extinction and inspire us all to change our energy use. She was also co-producer of The Cove. Olivia has produced and directed documentaries on a variety of subjects. She has profiled Winston Blackmore’s polygamist clan in British Columbia for National Geographic and Europe’s royal families for A&E; followed BASE jumpers in Chamonix, France and big wave surfers in South Africa, Hawaii, Mexico and Tahiti for Warren Miller Entertainment; and filmed men and women building the new Bay Bridge in Oakland for Discovery. Other television credits include programs for National Geographic, PBS, Discovery, The Outdoor Life Network, Fox Family and Travel Channel.