Miriam Larkin

Miriam Larkin Manager of Development

Miriam began her career at Von Zerneck Sertner Films in Los Angeles before moving on to Lions Gate Entertainment in feature film & TV movie development as Manager of Development for Stephanie Germain Productions.  In 2006 she joined Vulcan Productions to venture into the world of documentaries, supporting development, production, outreach, digital and operations projects across the team. 

 In her primary role on the development team, she is responsible for fielding and evaluating incoming documentary, feature film and digital projects, story & concept research related but not limited to focus areas concerning Vulcan Philanthropic initiatives, and is a content creation contributor.  In her management of Vulcan Productions’ sponsorship of the Seattle International Film Festival, she oversees the delivery of media and print assets, screening and promotional initiatives, event coordination and relationship building with incoming filmmakers.   

 Miriam is a graduate of Thurgood Marshall College at the University of California, San Diego with a BA in US History and a minor in Spanish Literature.