David Wulzen

David Wulzen Producer

David Wulzen has been working both personally and professionally in the film industry for over a decade with experience spanning all areas of film production including directing, producing, shooting, and editing. Prior to joining Vulcan he worked as at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation producing creative content to promote the impact of the Foundation. He also worked at The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) as Producer/Editor of Film & Video, creating original documentaries for each of the exhibitions.

In addition to his professional career, David has been actively engaged in the local Seattle film community through his personal projects. In 2015, he won Best Editing in the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project for his work on The Proxy. Created as part of the Doug Pray’s Wild Mind Film Camp, David’s 2013 documentary, Shackitecture, played at the Tacoma Film Festival and the Local Sightings Film Festival.