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Founded by the late Paul G. Allen and Jody Allen, Vulcan Productions created content across all platforms, with a focus on inspiring change with lasting impact. The team’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed projects include Ghost Fleet, X-Ray Fashion, The Cold Blue, The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress – The Restoration, Ballet Now, Going to War, USS Indianapolis: Live from the Deep, STEP, The Ivory Game, Unseen Enemy, Racing Extinction, News & Documentary Emmy Nominee Naledi: A Baby Elephant's Tale, News & Documentary Emmy winner and Academy Award®-nominated Body Team 12, Mind of a Giant, We the Economy, We the Voters, Ocean Warriors, #ISurvivedEbola, and Girl Rising. In February 2021, Vulcan Productions closed its doors. If you have questions regarding the status of past or current projects, please contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Great storytelling about the real issues of our time
  • Innovative, large-scale campaigns that turn action into impact
  • Meaningful engagement with audiences to drive change

Global Complexity

Our Passions

Wildlife & Conservation

We tell the stories that provide solutions and incentives that enable people, species and ecosystems to thrive on a verdant and habitable planet.

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Global Health

Whether we’re documenting the courageous efforts to fight Ebola or the prevention of pandemics, we act on the premise that were in it together.

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Science & Technology

From exploring the human brain, to clean energy solutions, to outer space - our stories document tech and science as tools for global change.

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Current Issues

From climate change, to economic downturns, to female empowerment, look for the most pressing issues on the planet, and we'll be there.

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History & Exploration

We seek out stories that play out at the bottom of the deep blue sea, at the fringes of outer space and even in the recesses of the human mind.

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Arts & Entertainment

Sometimes it's just about joy and wonder. These stories allow our experiences to foster empathy and ultimately broaden our sense of humanity.

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Impact First

Impact Partners

Action & Impact

Mind of a Giant

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