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We're committed to solving the most difficult problems the world has ever faced

Vulcan Productions

We've forged partnerships with Vulcan’s premier research teams working in climate science, conservation, technology, and education allowing us exceptional access to prime resources. But it’s what we do with them that count. We discover what the issues are, explore them in-depth, and generate measurable impact.

Vulcan Inc: Philanthropy + Story + Technology

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We’re striving to create a future that maps the intricacies inside our head, sets hidden talent alight and upends conventional thinking. The projects and investments we pursue are inspired by the ideas of our founder Paul G. Allen. Discover the different facets of Vulcan.

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Stories + Action = Impact

We create great stories, but inspiring change with lasting impact is what sets us apart. Through our films, television programs, and engaging digital series we introduce audiences to the most critical issues of our time.

Founded by Paul G. Allen and Jody Allen, Vulcan Productions creates content across all platforms, and spotlights Mr. Allen's work in wildlife, science, climate, oceans, education, technology, current social issues, history and the arts.

We shepherd ideas from development to production and campaigns that resonate long after the final frame leaves the screen.

Our award-winning projects include The Ivory GameRacing ExtinctionNaledi: A Baby Elephants Tale, Academy Award®-nominated Body Team 12Mind of a Giant, We the Economy,  We the VotersOcean Warriors,  #ISurvivedEbolaGirl Rising and The Blues. Upcoming releases include STEP and Unseen Enemy.

Our films entertain. They electrify. They transform audiences from passive viewers into active participants who engage on issues that affect us all.

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  • Great storytelling about the real issues of our time
  • Innovative, large-scale campaigns that turn action into impact
  • Meaningful engagement with audiences to drive change

Meaningful change

Massive Problems - Extraordinary Solutions

At Vulcan we’re committed to solving some of the most difficult problems the world has ever faced. These are complex issues beyond the ability of most of us to fully comprehend. Climate change, ocean health, animal extinction, human equality - massive problems that demand extraordinary solutions.

Beyond the screen, Vulcan is working to tackle our planet's hard problems by exploring innovative ideas and implementing creative solutions. Driven by Paul Allen's desire to make a measurable impact, Vulcan’s philanthropic efforts are tethered to a simple principle: if it has the potential to do good, then we should do it.

Explore the five core problems that Vulcan is engaged in solving, and dig into our film genres that make them accessible and understandable. Together we expose the problems with unsurpassed storytelling and find real-world solutions that everyone can be a part of.

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Through a science-led, data-driven approach, Vulcan provides knowledge about our planet's most imperiled and iconic species. Vulcan jump-starts initiatives to alleviate threats and help secure adequate and healthy habitats. They also use technological developments and storytelling capabilities to drive philanthropic interests, address the current threat of wildlife trafficking, and collect data that will inform long-term strategies to protect endangered species. The Vulcan Productions feature-documentary Racing Extinction supports these efforts with never-before-seen images that transform the way viewers see the planet, and a significant public campaign that gives movie-goers the necessary tools to protect endangered wildlife.


Vulcan supports smart solutions for the management, conservation and protection of terrestrial and marine life and their ecosystems. How? Through a variety of measures that include the collection of foundational data; investigative tools; the monitoring of ecosystems; and the sponsoring of voter’s initiatives like Save Animals Facing Extinction (I-1401). Vulcan Productions’ feature documentary Racing Extinction and its global campaign exposes the hidden world of extinction with never-before-seen images that will not just change the way viewers see the planet—it will inspire them to take action to protect it.

Ocean Health

Ocean health is essential to the health of both human communities and wildlife populations. Our oceans are under threat from climate change as well as a range of unsustainable practices that could lead to the collapse of ecosystems and loss of marine species in the very near future. Vulcan is working to improve scientific understanding of ocean health across a wide range of issues. Through films such as Racing Extinction and its social action campaign, Vulcan Productions introduces audiences to the effects of climate change, the harsh reality of illegal poaching, and their combined effects on oceans and key marine species.

Climate Change

Our climate is on an unsustainable path—Vulcan is acting now to change its dangerous trajectory. The projects and programs that Vulcan supports seek to better understand, adapt to, and most importantly, reduce society’s impact on the climate. The researchers and organizations that we work with are focused on providing solutions, tools, policies and incentives to enable people, species and ecosystems to continue to thrive on a verdant and habitable planet. Through films such as Racing Extinction, Strange Days on Planet Earth and Pandora’s Promise, Vulcan Productions uses storytelling and outreach initiatives to help audiences understand the effects of climate change, spark a dialogue about the solutions, and bring about lasting change.

Ebola Program

Vulcan’s Ebola Program is the only one of its kind solely focused on stopping the West Africa Ebola outbreak. Paul G. Allen is the largest private donor, committing at least $100 million to support innovative and impactful solutions. His pledge has funded a diverse set of projects in areas where donations drive truly effective results. Since July 2014, Vulcan teams have been working with government agencies and aid organizations to address the most urgent needs in the fight against Ebola. Want to see progress in action? Watch Vulcan Production’s critically acclaimed film Body Team Twelve and explore the global campaign #ISurvivedEbola.

Storytelling solutions

Wildlife & Conservation

We tell the stories that provide solutions and incentives that enable people, species and ecosystems to thrive on a verdant and habitable planet.

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Global Health

Whether we’re documenting the courageous efforts to fight Ebola or the prevention of pandemics, we act on the premise that were in it together.

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Science & Technology

From exploring the human brain, to clean energy solutions, to outer space - our stories document tech and science as tools for global change.

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Current Issues

From climate change, to economic downturns, to female empowerment, look for the most pressing issues on the planet, and we'll be there.

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History & Exploration

We seek out stories that play out at the bottom of the deep blue sea, at the fringes of outer space and even in the recesses of the human mind.

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Arts & Entertainment

Sometimes it's just about joy and wonder. These stories allow our experiences to foster empathy and ultimately broaden our sense of humanity.

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Impact First

Measuring Success

Vulcan is tackling our planet's most urgent, most difficult challenges. We will break through with innovative ideas, creative solutions -- and measuring all we do. We don't just tell stories that expose valuable truths and activate audiences, we also learn from each project with advanced evaluation programs. Our strategies optimize in real time, and help inform the makeup of future projects.


Vulcan Productions partners with the most resourceful and innovative groups. From the top NGOs to documentary filmmakers to government agencies, our partners create impact.

Action & Impact

Martin Scorsese's The Blues


“Our goal never was to produce the definitive work on the blues. It was, from the start, to create highly personal and impressionistic films as seen through the eyes of the most creative directors around." Martin Scorsese


2004 Grammy Award Nomination for Best Long Form Music Video


Primetime Emmy Award Outstanding Cinematography For Nonfiction Programming: Soul of a Man


2003 Grammy Awards Best Historical Album and Best Album Notes Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey


“I've always felt an affinity for blues music—the culture of storytelling through music is incredibly fascinating and appealing to me." Martin Scorsese

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